This years first snow just arrived yesterday.

It's cold.
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Music. I must answer these when I have time.
sam 1973
The Ultimate Song Questions
  • 1: A song that makes you feel happy
  • 2: A song that makes you feel sad
  • 3: A song that makes you feel badass
  • 4: A song that makes you feel angry
  • 5: A song that makes you feel in love
  • 6: A song that makes you feel heart broken
  • 7: A song that makes you jump in excitement
  • 8: A song that makes you think about life
  • 9: A song that makes you cry
  • 10: A song you find boring
  • 11: A song you listened to too many times and got sick of it
  • 12: A song you love
  • 13: A song you hate
  • 14: A song that makes you dance
  • 15: A song that makes you sing
  • 16: A song that gets stuck in your head
  • 17: Your favorite song
  • 18: The last song you listened to
  • 19: The song you're listening to now
  • 20: The first five songs on your ipod
  • 21: The first five songs on your ipod on shuffle
  • 22: A song from your childhood
  • 23: The song you want to die listening to
  • 24: The song you last sang
  • 25: A song that brings up good memories
  • 26: A song that brings up bad memories
  • 27: A song that you can fall asleep to
  • 28: A song that makes you scream when you hear it
  • 29: A song that makes you feel pumped up
  • 30: A song you wish everyone would listen to
  • 31: A song you haven't heard in a long time
  • 32: A song you can always back to and listen to and fall in love with it all over again
  • 33: A song with a story behind it
  • 34: A song that's starting to grow on you
  • 35: A song you're starting to get sick of
  • 36: The song you've listened to the most

List of Doctor Who stories I've seen (bolded ones) since may 2011.
sam 1973

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

Robot (4 episodes) +extras

The Ark in Space (4) +extras

The Sontaran Experiment (2) +extras

Genesis of the Daleks (6) +extras

Revenge of the Cybermen (4) +extras

Terror of the Zygons (4) +extras

Planet of Evil (4) +extras

The Pyramids of Mars (4) +extras

The Android Invasion (4) +extras

The Brain of Morbius (4) +extras and commentary

The Seeds of Doom (6) +extras

The Masque of Mandragora (4) +extras and commentary

The Hand of Fear (4) +extras and commentary

The Deadly Assassin (4) +extras

The Face of Evil (4) +extras

The Robots of Death (4) +extras

The Talons of Weng-Chiang (6) + extra material and commentarys

Horror of Fang Rock (4)

The Invisible Enemy (4)

Image of the Fendahl (4)

The Sun Makers (4)

Underworld (4)

The Invasion of Time (6)

The Ribos Operation (4) (Part 1 of Key to Time)

The Pirate Planet (4) (Part 2 of Key to Time)

The Stones of Blood (4) (Part 3 of Key to Time) + commentary

The Androids of Tara (4) (Part 4 of Key to Time) + commentary

The Power of Kroll (4) (Part 5 of Key to Time)

The Armageddon Factor (6) (Part 6 of Key to Time) + commentary

Destiny of the Daleks (4) + extra materials and commentarys

City of Death (4) + extra materials and commentarys

The Creature from the Pit (4)

Nightmare of Eden (4)

The Horns of Nimon (4)

Shada (6)

The Leisure Hive (4)

Meglos (4)

Full Circle (4)

State of Decay (4)

Warriors’ Gate (4)

The Keeper of Traken (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Logopolis (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

Castrovalva (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Four to Doomsday (4)

Kinda (4)

The Visitation (4)

Black Orchid (2)

Earthshock (4)

Time-Flight (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Arc of Infinity (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Snakedance (4)

Mawdryn Undead (4)

Terminus (4)

Enlightenment (4)

The King’s Demons (2)

The Five Doctors (4) + extra materials and commentarys

Warriors of the Deep (4)

The Awakening (2)

Frontios (4)

Resurrection of the Daleks (2 45-minute episodes) + extra materials and commentarys

Planet of Fire (4)

The Caves of Androzani (4) + commentarys

Dimentions In Time (2) special episode

Doctor Who THE MOVIE

13 episodes
+ christmas invasion

13 episodes
+ The Runaway Bride

13 episodes
+ Time Crash
(I've seen all eps twice)

Voyage Of The Damned (twice)

13 episodes
(I've seen all eps twice)

The New Doctor
Planet Of The Dead
The Waters Of Mars

The End Of Time (2 eps) (seen both twice)

The Eleventh Hour
The Beast Below

Victory Of The Daleks
The Time Of Angels
Flesh And Stone
The Vampires Of Venice
Amy's Choice

The Hungry Earth
Cold Blood
Vincent And The Doctor
The Lodger
The Pandorica Opens
The Big Bang

+ A Christmas Carol

13 episodes
+ Death Is The Only Answer
The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe








episodes 1-13

episode 13 Valiant Quest

season 4 The New Doctor

Round 27: Life On Mars (UK)
sam 1973

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sam 1973
I decided to take part to another icon competition tv20in20 and continue with my Life On Mars path. So it's 20 more icons, this time it's a bit harder task. Or at least the themes are. But I think I can manage to finish those as well in time.

I was in Helsinki for last weekend. We went to amusement park all eight of us and had a laugh, though the evening was interrupted by very hard rain and bit of thunder as well. So we all bought these quite horrific light blue plastic raincoats and walked to the railway station. Everybody was looking at us and one random guy walking past us in the street said to his friend that there comes a wild group of Smurfs. And yes we were, in those clothes.

Anyway it was nice day and nice long weekend (from friday to monday). I finally bought the first episode of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic. Now I gotta catch 'em all I think. Though the books are a bit expensive..

And what comes to tv series, This week I have been mostly eaten watched The Office's 8th season and Twenty Twelve. Maybe i'll load some new Would I Lie To You -eps and watch some Skins too. Oh, and this weekend I finally get to start Life On Mars S2 rewatch and with the extra materials which I haven't seen yet. Nice.

I'll be at my parents flat alone this weekend so I'm gonna cook something nice and watch everything. Also there are Tammerfests in town so maybe I'll go see some bands.. Though there weren't many good ones.

Happy birthday John Simm!!

You are awesome! <3

Life On Mars Icon Contest #3
sam 1973
YAY I've made them! I'm kind of proud of my icons, they did turn up very well.







screencap credits goes to
Out of character pics are from the BAFTAs by various photographers

sam 1973
Today starts Lifein1973's icon contest. So 20 icons within 20 days. And of course all icons must be made from Life On Mars -tv series and its actors.

Themes are:

10 Themes
1. train
2. hands
3. anger
4. text
5. run
6. sweet
7. rainbow
8. left
9. smoke
10. dance

5 Category - Out of Character
5 icons of the Life on Mars cast as themselves (can be just one cast member if you prefer)

5 Artist's Choice
Everything you want

Icons should be 100x100px, under 40kb and in .png, .jpg or .gif format

So I've just picked most of the pictures which I'll start to work with. I propably start editing tomorrow. I'm excited because there is a little bit of challenge in this and you really have to think about which kind of icon would win the competition. Plus you actually have a purpose to do icons and within a certain time.

I've took part in 2020's twice before this. One was with Ashes To Ashes in it's community ashes20in20 and one was character20n20 -community with Arrested Development tv-series character called Gob.

two in the morning
???? cone
Just watched an episode of Skins season 4.

Now listening Gaudi.

I must see a sunrise this summer. I thought that I'd go to Virrat and climb up to a downhill skiing hill from where you can see the whole town and a lake too. Yes, maybe I'll have a breakfast there.

I've been totally hooked to BBC's programs lately. QI is my new favourite. I have also discovered some new series like Twenty Twelve and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret without forgetting Mock The Week and the good old Would I Lie To You?

Russell Howard - great stand up comedian
Alan Davies - I just love him. Awesome persona. Mind of a five-year-old. :D
Jo Brand - witty lady

Also watched Sherlock Holmes movie (Robert Downey jr.) for the second time and I deffo ship Holmes/Watson. :)

Oh, and loaded a movie called SLC Punk! So I'll be watching that as well. Plus some Dr Who.. always some Doctor. I'll be ending the second series of new Who soon and also watching some extras from arc of infinity (fivey ep) and some old Tom Baker eps.


Set Your Goals - Cure For Apathy
sam 1973
I had been asleep since 1983
Trying to escape the monsters in my head.
Now as I lay in my bed awake,
I wonder where I'd be without them.

There will be wisdom here in time.
And all the stars will be aligned.

Ebb and flow the changing tide.
Under the stars we see tonight.

I can't stop myself from thinking and it keeps me up at night.
Second guessing choices got me where I am today.
But this is the bed I've made, I've gone after it for so long.
So this is where my head shall lay, I can't turn away.

There will be wisdom here in time.
And all the stars will be aligned.
Ebb and flow the changing tide.
Under the stars we see tonight.

They're watching you, you know they're counting down.
Every step is sinking through the ground.
Don't they know I'm never going back.
To a world I never fit into anyway?

There will be wisdom here in time.
And all the stars will be aligned.
Ebb and flow the changing tide.
Under the stars we see tonight.

And all I can think about is Ashes To Ashes and final season! These words match so much with it. Now I'd like to make a fanvid, but I'm not sure can I. I don't even have that much material from ATA, only the last season, so..


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