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two in the morning
???? cone
Just watched an episode of Skins season 4.

Now listening Gaudi.

I must see a sunrise this summer. I thought that I'd go to Virrat and climb up to a downhill skiing hill from where you can see the whole town and a lake too. Yes, maybe I'll have a breakfast there.

I've been totally hooked to BBC's programs lately. QI is my new favourite. I have also discovered some new series like Twenty Twelve and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret without forgetting Mock The Week and the good old Would I Lie To You?

Russell Howard - great stand up comedian
Alan Davies - I just love him. Awesome persona. Mind of a five-year-old. :D
Jo Brand - witty lady

Also watched Sherlock Holmes movie (Robert Downey jr.) for the second time and I deffo ship Holmes/Watson. :)

Oh, and loaded a movie called SLC Punk! So I'll be watching that as well. Plus some Dr Who.. always some Doctor. I'll be ending the second series of new Who soon and also watching some extras from arc of infinity (fivey ep) and some old Tom Baker eps.



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