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sam 1973
I decided to take part to another icon competition tv20in20 and continue with my Life On Mars path. So it's 20 more icons, this time it's a bit harder task. Or at least the themes are. But I think I can manage to finish those as well in time.

I was in Helsinki for last weekend. We went to amusement park all eight of us and had a laugh, though the evening was interrupted by very hard rain and bit of thunder as well. So we all bought these quite horrific light blue plastic raincoats and walked to the railway station. Everybody was looking at us and one random guy walking past us in the street said to his friend that there comes a wild group of Smurfs. And yes we were, in those clothes.

Anyway it was nice day and nice long weekend (from friday to monday). I finally bought the first episode of Neil Gaiman's Sandman comic. Now I gotta catch 'em all I think. Though the books are a bit expensive..

And what comes to tv series, This week I have been mostly eaten watched The Office's 8th season and Twenty Twelve. Maybe i'll load some new Would I Lie To You -eps and watch some Skins too. Oh, and this weekend I finally get to start Life On Mars S2 rewatch and with the extra materials which I haven't seen yet. Nice.

I'll be at my parents flat alone this weekend so I'm gonna cook something nice and watch everything. Also there are Tammerfests in town so maybe I'll go see some bands.. Though there weren't many good ones.


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